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Home Theater sales, calibration, & service

We sell CRT projectors and other home theater products & accessories, including calibration tools for all display types. We also offer hundreds of free home theater tips, as well as a discussion forum. Why CRT? With true blacks, real contrast ratios beyond 40,000:1, and colours that do not drift, people still choose CRT projectors for home theaters and movie mixing studios where HDTV and Blu-ray playback quality is paramount. Carefully refurbished and tested, our projectors will provide you with thousands of problem free hours of service. Since 1985 we have worked on over 5000 projectors and stock lots of spare parts. We offer trade-ins and can advise on what's best for you.

Get the absolute best picture out of your TV/projector!
Radiance: Top of the line video processing
Add 3D to any TV or projector! On sale for a limited time plus 2 free sets of RFR glasses & emitter!

Latest News

Barco CineMax 9 - 1300 hours
April 4, 2014

The customer that had bought this late last year and had been making payments has now changed his mind, so this top of the line Barco CineMax 9 is once again available for sale.

This is a late model (September 2001 build) top of the line CRT projector with the following:

  • 1300 original chassis hours

  • HFQ900 lenses

  • Original remote

  • Silver/blue case

  • Keypad door intact, but Velcro'ed in place

  • Case in overall good shape

  • Solid heat treated crate included for shipping

Pricing options:

  • Original tubes, VERY slight 16:9 wear on the tubes (only 1300 hours!) $7000.00 USD

  • New green LUG tube (Panasonic, original R and B with NO wear) $8000.00 USD

  • All new LUG tubes (Panasonic, no VDC rebuilds here!) $8800.00 USD

Looking for a different CRT projector? See our eBay listings.

Questions? Email Curt.

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Radiance "Video Processor Amnesty" trade-in program
February 3, 2014

Interested in upgrading to a Radiance 2041 or 2042 video processor? To sweeten our trade-in deal, we've just increased the trade-in allowances on many models as follows:

  • Radiance XE: $1000

  • Radiance XS: $900 (Up $100!)

  • Radiance Mini: $800 (Up $150!)

  • Radiance XD: $800 (Up $300!)

  • Lumagen Vision: $600 (Up $100!)

  • Crystalio: $600 (Up $100!)

  • DVDO VP50 or iScan Duo: $600 (Up $100!)

See here for the complete list. These trade-in discounts come off our already discounted prices, making them the lowest prices ever available. We ship worldwide.

Why upgrade my current Radiance to the new line?

If you have an older Radiance, the primary reasons for upgrading would be the larger CMS (729 points verses 125) for doing automatic display calibration with ChromaPure, and integrated Darbee DVP™ image enhancement technology, allowing adjustment on a per-input basis (often Blu-ray requires less enhancement than broadcast TV, for example).

The Radiance 2041 and 2042 also increase the maximum output resolution to 4K UltraHD at 24/30 Hertz. Ideal for maximizing image quality on 4K displays as you completely bypass the internal scaler and do all image processing in one location: The Radiance.

Many of you reading this have a Radiance already, but consider trading in that other scaler you put in the second TV room, and putting the new Radiance 204X in your main theater, and your old Radiance into your second TV room.

For complete details see our Radiance order page.

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Projectors for sale
January 11, 2014

See our CRT Primer to read why CRT projectors are still used where reliability and picture quality is paramount. Our Projector Rankings page will show you how they stack up. Not sure what projector is right for you? Email Curt for help!

Happy New Year, everyone. The CRT business has been very busy this past fall, and continues to be very busy into the new year. Two significant changes in the CRT world have actually increased my business in 2012 and 2013 over years previous to that, and I attribute this to the following:

  1. It appears that sometime in 2012, Barco discontinued, or at least limited their support for CRT projectors. I noticed a significant increase in new customers that use CRT projectors for commercial and industrial applications. These customers include planetariums and military/flight simulator type customers on a worldwide basis. While new simulators and planetariums are using Sony, Christie and Barco digital sets, the cost to upgrade is significant, and the 10+ year old CRT projectors have lots of life left in them still.

  2. With Sony introducing their 4K digital projectors, I’ve seen many high end home theatre clients pulling out their high end CRTs and switching, which has led to a surplus of Barco 909/Runco 1200 and Sony G90s. To put it in perspective, 7 years ago, finding a good used G90 was like finding the holy grail. In 2012 I purchased 20 G90s, and sold 19 of them. In 2013 I brought in over 30 Sony G90s, and well over a dozen Barco 909/Cine 9 projectors. CRT is alive and well, and more affordable than ever.

Barco 909 chassis/repairs

Given that there were relatively few Barco 909/Cine 9 sets sold into the consumer marketplace, finding parts was exceptionally difficult a couple of years ago. The Sony G90 was in a similar situation about 5 years ago, very few sets had been scrapped, making spare parts very hard to find. In 2013, I was lucky enough to acquire the original hard copy of the Barco service manual, and I spent a number of days troubleshooting and repairing the various boards within the chassis. One board that always eluded repairs was the main microprocessor/CPU board. I had several defective CPU boards here, all waiting for me to have some free time to run through them. Over the holidays, I put aside 3 full days to work on nothing but Barco 909 boards. I am very pleased to say that I found a couple of inherent issues with the Barco CPU board, and managed to get 3 out of 4 boards running fine again. Solid as a rock. I’ve identified what I believe is a minor design issue with the CPU boards, and will incorporate this fix that I’ve come up with into any 909/Cine 9 projector that I sell.

I also managed to receive a number of spare 909 chassis boards, specifically the horizontal and SMPS (power supply), which are common failure points of the 909 chassis. I therefore have plenty of spare parts, and while I’m not quite ready to sell boards outright yet, that may change in the near future as I get more boards in. The main thing is that I can now support the Sony G90s and Barco 909 sets as well as I can any other CRT projector. Once I am in the position to outright sell some 909 boards, I will send out an email letting everyone know.

Onto the list of projectors for sale!

  • (Qty 2) NEC XG75 / 135: I recently managed to acquire two brand new green tubes for the NEC XG sets. Since VDC got out of the CRT business a couple of years ago, finding mint condition, let alone new NEC tubes was very difficult, and I now have a couple of NEC XG sets in great shape, good for another 10,000 hours of life in them. I can put these green tubes into whatever set I have in stock, I still have about 12 XG non LC sets here. I will modify the vertical board to prevent the chance of tube implosion caused by a failed board, and will supply the full service remote as well as a ceiling bracket. $1100.00 each.

  • (Qty 1) NEC XG110LC: I have one only very good condition original tube XG110LC with ceiling bracket and remote for $1100.00 as well.

  • (Qty 1) Barco Graphics 808s: Brand new tubes. Only one of the two that I had is left! High resolution brand new Sony tubes, 1080p capable. Quiet and reliable. $1400.00

  • (Qty 4) Marquee 9500 Ultra / Vidikron Vision 1: With the load of new old stock 9” tubes that I purchased from April to June of 2013, I have two sets of 9” LC tubes left in stock to be put into Marquee projectors. I have three 9500 Ultra projectors in stock, and one Vidikron Vision 1 with the piano black finish case (pictures here). You have your choice of new or used tubes that are in perfect shape. One excellent example of a very low hour 1999 vintage, 1 owner 9500 Ultra is here on eBay. I’ve put in a new green tube, but at 1600 original hours, there was no need to change the red and blue tubes, allowing me to reduce the price of the set. Pricing of a 9500 Ultra ranges from $2800 to $4000 depending on the chassis hour count, how many tubes I change, and the condition of the case. If you already have a 9500 with worn tubes, I am selling off some of my used tubes at very attractive prices, either directly or on eBay. Brand new tubes. Same as the 9500 LC above, but with a newer chassis (by about 4 years) with extra geometry control and improved video section. $3500.00

  • (Qty 4) Sony G90: As stated above, I have no less than 4 Sony G90s in stock currently, with 3 more coming in within the next 2-3 weeks. Since I retubed a number of Sony G90s in the fall for customers wanting all new tube sets, I now have two sets of very low hour (between 1800 and 3000) G90 tubes that show little/minimal wear. For someone wanting to get into a high end 9” set, I can sell a low hour Sony G90 with original tubes for $2500. This includes a remote control and a new Dallas chip as well. A G90 with a new green tube installed, and near perfect R and B tubes, the price goes up to $3500, and with all new tubes, it’s $4500.00. I’ve sold many G90s in the last two years, and was actually out of stock for a couple of months this year as I’d sold so many sets, but now they are back in stock! I have a limited number of ceiling brackets as well for an extra $200, although it’s relatively easy to make up your own ceiling bracket.

  • (Qty 6) Barco 909/919/Runco 1200: Currently I have two Barco 909 in stock, two Barco 919 and two Runco DTV 1200s. The Runcos came out of a 1 owner house, where the projectors were in a stacked configuration. The one set has 3500 hours on it, the other has 5300 for some reason. Both are in excellent cosmetic condition, work 100%, and will get my circuit mods done to them before selling them. The Runco DTV 1200s have the coloured red and green C elements in them, and have the added fan circuitry to make them a bit quieter than the 909 and 919 models. The Barco 919s are designed for curved screen use, but I can modify them for flat screen use easily. The 909s are in good shape as well. I recently bought 6 new in the box green high resolution tubes, and have new and used R and B tubes as well. I can configure these sets to anything your budget will allow, from completely good used tube sets to completely retubed projectors. Pricing ranges from $3500 for a worn tube 919 that is great for spare parts use, to $9000 for a fully retubed top of the line Runco DTV 1200. If you want the best CRT projector there is, bar none, with ridiculous amounts of sharpness due to the enhanced focus and astig circuits and controls, this is the set to get. Email me!

Wishing you all the best in 2014!

See my eBay summary for more listings.

Questions? Email Curt!

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NEW 2014 GUIDE: ChromaPure Grayscale & Color Calibration for Dummies
December 30, 2013

After many months of work, our new 2014 edition Grayscale & Color Calibration for Dummies Guide is now available!

This guide is for the home theater enthusiast who wants to get the absolute best picture out of any TV or projector. It will show you how to obtain the most accurate colors possible on any display regardless of what sort of technology it uses (Plasma, LCD/LED, DLP, SXRD, LCOS, CRT, etc). It doesn't matter if it's a 20 year old analog model or the most recent 4K projector or TV. They will all benefit from calibration.

Our previous guide was written in 2008 and focused primarily on the calibration of CRT projectors. This new guide focuses on the calibration of newer display technologies such as digital projectors and flat panel TVs and includes information on the finer controls offered by these newer display devices, especially in the areas of gamma and color calibration.

To best take advantage of these newer features, newer, more advanced ChromaPure calibration software is used as it is better suited for today's advanced displays. ChromaPure offers the following advantages over the software used in our previous guide:

  • Easier to use and more intuitive, with a built-in workflow.

  • Advanced grayscale, gamma, and color calibration tools.

  • Comprehensive reporting tools (the previous software did not include reporting features).

  • Technical support: ChromaPure is a commercial product that is continuously updated and comes with lifetime support.

  • Greater support of meters, including newer professional quality colorimeters and spectroradiometers and increased accuracy on 10+ specific display types.

  • Support for signal generators including 3D signals from AccuPel signal generators.

  • Ability to perform completely automated calibration when used in conjunction with a video processor such as the Lumagen Radiance or the DVDO Duo, including color calibration of up to 729 points (instead of only 6) for greatly increased accuracy. Automated calibration allows anyone with little or no training to fully calibrate their display with almost no user input. Just setup a few simple options, click Auto-Calibrate, and then just go have a cup of coffee while the process completes. In less than 10 minutes your display will be full calibrated to professional standards. The package of tools does all the work for you and this guide is not needed.

For years we've been saying that a guide for ChromaPure is not required as it is already easy to use, intuitive, and includes a built-in workflow to assist new users. That said, everyone works differently and some prefer a written guide. We hope you find it useful.

This guide also makes use of the new ChromaPure Calibration Disc that includes all of the test patterns necessary for display calibration. The disc is included for free with all Display 3 PRO bundles, and is also available for sale separately.

Questions? Email Kal!

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New 3D Glasses
December 30, 2013

We've expanded our 3D glasses line-up to include many new models.

Universal/adjustable 3D glasses are still available that work on just about any 3D TV or projector. This includes the popular line of Optoma 3D projectors (HD25, HD25-LV, HD33, HD3300, HD83, HD8300, GT750, GT750e, etc) and JVC projectors that have 3D built in and a 3D VESA sync port (X3, X7, X9, X30, X35, X55, X70, X75, X90, X95, RS40, RS45, RS46, RS48, RS55, RS56, RS60, RS65, RS66). Our 3D converters are supported if you wish to turn your 2D display into 3D.

3D glasses for Epson Home Cinema 3D projectors are now available that work on Epson models 750HD, 3020, 3020e, 4030, 5020UB, 5020UBe, 5030UB, 6020UB, 6020UBe, 6030UB, as well as Epson European models EH-TW550, EH-TW9100, EH-TW9100W, EH-TW8100, EH-TW6100, EH-TW6100W, and EH-TW5910 (to name a few). These glasses will also work when paired along with the original Epson ELPGS03 glasses that came with the projector. Why spend $80-$90 for Epson glasses when you can get these for half the price!

New lightweight DLP-Link 3D glasses are available too. These are specifically meant to be used with DLP-Link enabled 3D Ready DLP projectors from brands such as Optoma, Benq, Viewsonic, Acer, Mitsubishi, etc.  Available with either rechargeable batteries (up to 40 hours of use per charge), or with inexpensive replaceable button batteries (up to 100 hours of use per battery).

Last but not least, smaller kid-sized DLP-Link 3D glasses are now also available in two colour choices.

Questions? Email us at

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CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Report
November 16, 2013

CEDIA EXPO is one of the leading trade shows for new home technology including home theater, home automation, home security, home networking, and more. It was in Denver Colorado this year and featured more than 470 exhibitors and 17,900 attendees from 84 countries.

There was a bewildering number of vendors from every facet of the home theater industry, and as usual, there was the interesting, the over the top ridiculous, and the routine.

Forgive me for sounding a bit cynical, but after having attended any number of trade shows over the last 30 years, yet another ceiling or wall speaker by yet another company claiming significant advancements over their competitors, yet seeing the same 'made in China' sticker on the back of said speaker, I tend to be a bit jaded.

Visit our CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Report for more pictures and comments. Did you attend the show? feel free to post your own pictures and comments.

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